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For use with safety wire pliers. 0.7mm lock wire supplied in a 30m roll...
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Classic half waffle grips made of a dual rubber compound with a micro-diamond pattern that absorbs shock, vibration and track roughness...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Apico pump action twisting wire pliers for a professional finish when wiring grips and bolts.A powerful set of pliers with a locking mechanism that grips the wire with a built-in spinner to evenly coil your safety wire...
Ex Tax:£30.00
KTM GRIP SET CLOSED END 63002021100The KTM 2K (2K= 2 different materials) grip combines the durability of KTM standard grips and the comfort of the soft KTM grips.Harder orange material on the inside and at the grip ends for a long service lifeSofter black material on the outside, where the hand lie..
Ex Tax:£21.30
DONUTS MIGHT BE A DIFFERENT COLOUR The go-to grip for many a professional racer, the SCOTT Diamond Grip is the most advanced grip in the range thanks to its highly advanced triple density construction. A medium density outer waffle pattern delivers maximum control and durability, whilst the sof..
Ex Tax:£18.99
The SCOTT Deuce Grip is a half-waffle, dual compound motocross grip designed to offer the perfect mix of grip and comfort. Constructed with a medium density raised half-waffle pattern and a soft density palm area, this motocross grip fights vibration, arm pump and fatigue whilst also offering highly..
Ex Tax:£18.99
The SCOTT SXII Lock On Grips are the result of over 50 years of SCOTT’s experience making market-leading motocross grips. Capitalizing on this experience and technical know-how, the SCOTT engineers used the latest cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes to create a motocross grip that off..
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