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Ultra lightweight, these guards won't interfere with your controls and provide excellent protection.Dual compound design allows a flexible synthetic rubber edge with a hard plastic centre for maximum protection and durability. They also keep your throttle & controls clean in muddy conditions and..
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Our specially formulated Brake Cleaner is designed to rapidly remove dirt, dust, carbon and oil build up on all braking components, leaving you with the optimum braking performance for your bike.Provided in a spray trigger bottle for easy and precise application. Dramatically reduces brake squeal an..
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HPX R 5W is an advanced fork oil. The product is formulated from special, highly refined, synthetic base oils. The addition of the most advanced additives makes HPX R 5W a high-tech product for use at Grand Prix level. HPX R 5W fork oil prevents corrosion, oxidation, leaking seals and foaming. It is..
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1001 Penetrating + PTFE is a particularly useful lubricant. The product penetrates and lubricates, displaces and repels moisture. It cleans and protects all metals. Thanks to its special formula 1001 Penetrating + PTFE can be used on, among others, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, jet skis, boats, c..
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Description:CLIQR range is manufactured from glass-filled nylon due to its superior mechanical properties, light weight and durability.CLIQR uses a dual locking, fail-safe mechanism to mount almost any device in the most convenient position for you. Simply stick the CLIQR device adaptor onto the bac..
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Brake Cleaner is a high-grade brake cleaner. This fast-acting product cleans and degreases all brake components such as the brake master cylinder, brake calliper and brake disk. Brake Cleaner is clean drying and does not leave a residue.ApplicationPutoline Oil is a high-quality supplier of a wide ra..
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Chain & Engine Degreaser has been specially developed for motorcycle use. The unique, fast-acting formula removes oil and grease from all dirty parts, including the chain, gears, engine, frame and all other parts of the motorcycle. Quick and easy to use, suitable for chrome, paint, rubber and pl..
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Contact Cleaner Spray is a cleaner for electrical components. A special additive prevents corrosion. The product is sprayed at high pressure, enabling it to access hard to reach or non dismantlable parts. Contact Cleaner Spray is suitable for cleaning and degreasing spark plugs, contact breakers and..
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Manufactured from carbon alloy steel, heat-treated and shot-peened for maximum strength and durability. Cold Forged Seamless Bush for longer chain life. All RK chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched for superior performance and to minimise elongation during the life of the chain. Excellent qualit..
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RFX 1 Series Handguard Inc Fitting KitFeaturesDual injection moulded for improved strength and durabilityVentilationOpen-Ended hand guardUniversal mounting - Handlebar mount kit included (Will fit 28.4mm or 28.2mm handlebars)LightweightDeveloped for MX or EnduroHorizontally Adjustable - 3 Positions..
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